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Gastein Healing Gallery Health center & wellness in Bad Hofgastein Therapy in the Healing Gallery
The Gastein Healing Gallery is a health center for radon therapy. Treatment is focused on therapy sessions spent in a 2.5 km-long tunnel with naturally elevated radon levels.

The combination of high humidity, warmth and radon deep inside the Radhausberg in Bad Gastein makes the Gastein Healing Gallery a form of therapy that is unique worldwide. Scientifically proven benefits of radon therapy in this Healing Gallery in Austria include sustained pain relief, less need for medications for up to one year, along with immune stabilization.

The history of the Healing Gallery is also fascinating. It was actually the astonishingly good health enjoyed by the gold miners during Gastein Valley's "golden era" that led to increasing awareness of the beneficial climate inside the mountain: including pleasant warm temperatures between 37 and 41.5° Celsius, high humidity between 70 and 100 percent, together with naturally higher radon levels in the air. Optimal conditions, in other words, to alleviate chronic conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system and strengthen the body's own immune defenses.

The Gastein Healing Gallery helps combat rheumatic inflammatory ailments of the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory system and the skin. For medical reasons, a treatment period of 2-4 weeks is recommended. Patients undergo 3-4 therapy sessions in the Healing Gallery every week.

Good to know: Gastein Healing Gallery Therapy is even recognized by Austrian and German health-insurance providers.

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